WHART and Investment Policies

WHA Premium Growth Real Estate Investment Trust ("WHART") is the leading industrial REIT in Thailand that focuses on investing in industrial assets which ranges from distribution centers, warehouses, factories, immovable properties, and other equipment relating to investment properties.

The investment properties of the WHART Trust will be on either freehold ownership or long-term leasehold right on land, buildings, or other equipment and are located in strategic area for logistics and supply chain of the country or area in economic promotional area such as Bangna-Trad Area, Northern Bangkok Area, Eastern Region (Eastern Economic Corridor), and Western Region.

WHART Trust was established in 2014 and invested in IPO assets with total space of 167,000 sq.m. Since the establishment in 2014, WHART Trust has invested on additional assets on annual basis. 2017, WHART has acquired the assets from WHA Property Fund (WHAPF) which leads to significant growth on total asset value and total building leasable area under management.

In 2021, the Trust has invested in additional assets (6th capital increase) on built-to-suit warehouses and factories with total value of Baht 5,550 million and building leasable area of 184,329 square meters. After the completion of this additional investment, total asset value of WHART has reached Baht 48,000 million and total building area under management will be around 1.6 million square meters.

The investment of WHART Trust is not limited to industrial properties. WHART Trust may consider investing in properties other industrial properties, securities and/or other investments according to the Notification No. Tor Jor. 49/2555 to ensure that such investments will create long-term, stable return for the benefits of the holders of trust units.


WHA Premium Growth Freehold
and Leasehold Real Estate
Investment Trust

Type of REIT
Non-redeemable trust unit from the trust unitholders
Life of REIT
Registered Capital
Baht 25,059,899,196.22
Financial Advisor
Kasikornbank Public Company Limited