Kasikorn Asset Management Co., Ltd.

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Roles and responsibilities of the Trustee

The Trustee has duty to manage the Trust with integrity and prudence as a professional with expertise by providing fair treatment to the trust unitholders and for the best interests of the trust unitholders, and in accordance with the relevant laws, the Trust Deed, the objectives of establishment of the Trust, and the resolution of a meeting of the trust unitholders as well as additional obligations specified in the statement to the trust unitholders (if any).

For performance of its duties, the Trustee shall omit to do any act which is in conflict with the interest of the Trust, regardless of whether such doing is for interest of the Trustee or others, except in the case where the Trustee demands remuneration for his performance as the Trustee or in the case where the Trustee is able to demonstrate that it has fairly and sufficiently managed the Trust as well as disclosed related information to the trust unitholders in advance. And the trust unitholders who acknowledge the information have no objection. In this regard, disclosure of the said information and objection shall be in accordance with relevant rules and notifications of SEC and the SEC office.

Duties of the Trustee under scope of roles and responsibilities as specified in the Trust Deed are as follows;
  • Monitor, supervise and manage the REIT manager in managing the Trust and assets in compliance with the Trust deed and relevant regulations.
  • Report to the SEC Office in the case where the property manager takes certain actions or fails to take certain actions that will negatively affect the Trust or fails to comply with duties as specified in the agreement and relevant regulations as well as prevent and provide remedy for any damages which may incur to the Trust as it may deem appropriate.
  • Attend every meeting of Trust unitholders. In the case where a resolution of a meeting of trust unitholders is needed, the Trustee must response to questions and give an opinion in relation to the operation whether it complies with the Trust Deed and relevant regulations or not. The Trustee shall object and notify trust unitholders if the operation is not according to the Trust Deed and relevant regulations.
  • Manage and operate the Trust as necessary to prevent or cease any damages to the benefits of the Trust and trust unitholders as a whole. In the event that the REIT manager cannot perform his duties, the Trustee has the power to appoint a new REIT manager.
  • Give an opinion regarding the performance of the REIT manager in the annual report of the Trust in which the REIT manager has the duty to prepare such report to trust unitholders. In this regard, the Trustee shall provide his opinion on whether the performance of the REIT manager is in accordance with terms and conditions as specified in the Trust Deed and other relevant laws, regulations and notifications or not.

More details of scope of roles and responsibilities of the Trustee can be found in the Trust Deed.