There has been a growing demand in renting warehouse buildings, distribution centers, and factories. Warehouse Farm project, under the title of Mega Logistics Center, consist of both Built-to-Suit and General Warehouse project with high standard. Built-to-Suit project will have a minimum space rent of 7,500 square meter while General Warehouse will have smaller rent space with approximately 3,000-5,000 square meters. Even though the rental space and building size is smaller than Built-to Suit project, General Warehouse will still maintain high standard and format of warehouse and factories. General Warehouse Farm project will support current’s client demand for more rental space and attract new group of tenants who interest in short term rental but show potential to increase rental space and may need built to space project rental in the future.

Warehouse Farm project is initiated in respond to current and expected client’s demand. Most rental contracts for Built-to-Suit project is a long term rental with duration of 5-10 years or more. While most contract for General Warehouse Farm project is short term rental with approximate duration of 3 years but these contracts are open to customers who would like continue the lease similarly to Built-to-Suit project.

General Warehouse Farm project also provides service for property’s communal resource usage with other tenants in the same project. For example, communal electricity, security service, road maintenance, and project’s utilities and infrastructure.