Built-to-Suit warehouse is a warehouse project that has been developed according to client’s demand in respond to varying needs based on each tenants’ different business nature and operational procedure. The project will emphasis on excellent strategic location for logistics. Most rental contract of build to suit project will be long term rental contract with lease term longer than 10 years. In addition, tenants are required to pay rent and service deposit for approx. 3-12 months of annual rent, under the condition that if the tenants terminate the rental contract before expiration date, tenants are required to pay compensation equal to the rest of rental fee in rental contract to the lessor.

The design of warehouses and distribution centers regarding Built-to-Suit project will be built accordingly to international standard and take into account of highest potential use of tenants. For example, indoor space design for efficient goods rotation, height determination and access route for large size transportation truck for fast loading of goods, shelves specially design to be flexible and could be adjust accordingly to tenants’ business process thus smooth goods placement and packing could be achieved and mistake could be reduce etc. In addition, the projects will be situated in strategic location for logistics, which is suitable for an excellent distribution center with spaces larger than 10,00 square meters. WHA Ladkrabang Distribution Center Phase 1 and Phase 2 will be located on the route that is conveniently accessible to Suvarnabhumi airport and closely located near Ladkrabang Industrial Estate, and could also be conveniently linked with major transportation routes, allowing convenient good transportation to Bangkok or distribute to the other regions in Thailand, and foreign countries, which could reduce tenant’s transportation cost in the long term.